daily menu

buttermilk biscuit  5
honey butter, peach jam
yogurt & granola  8
market fruit, house granola, noosa yogurt, honey
le quiche  11
bacon, chive, roasted garlic, gruyere, simple salad
sausage biscuit  12 
fresh sausage, house berry jam, FR potatoes
lemon ricotta pancakes  14
house strawberry jam, white chocolate almond streusel, creme fraiche whip
custard french toast  11 (single) / 14 (double)
peanut butter whip, mixed berry jam, salt-roasted peanuts, maple syrup
pork & egg breakfast sandwich  13
house carnitas, pickled jalapeno, cheddar, aioli, FR potatoes
breakfast burrito  12 
flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheddar, vegetarian green chili, fried potatoes, choice of meat
whipped feta toast  8
sourdough, honey, toasted pistachios
avocado toast  9
sourdough, grapefruit chermoula
scrambled egg toast  7 
sourdough, creme fraiche, chives

consuming raw or undercooked protein may increase your risk of foodborne illness.  not all ingredients are listed. please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions

chicken salad sandwich  13
egg bun, marinated cucumber, roasted tomato, bibb lettuce, FR chips
corned beef reuben  15
sourdough, braised cabbage, provolone, 1000 island dressing, FR chips
fried chicken sandwich  13
egg bun, buttermilk aioli, pickles, FR chips
fox run burger  14
egg bun, two smashed patties, cheddar, iceberg, pickles, FR sauce, FR chips
little gems salad  10
toasted walnuts, pomegranates, parm, sherry vin



griddled banana bread  5   
chocolate chip cookie  4
mixed berry coffee cake  4 
side pancake  5 
2 eggs (fried or scrambled)  5
FR potatoes  4
fries  4
bacon  5
sausage  5 
simple salad  6 
sourdough toast & jam  4


drinks & cocktials

Queen City drip coffee  3.50
cold brew  4
Hot tea  2.5
bhakti iced chai  4
iced latte  5
orange juice  3
house lemonade  4
iced tea  3
rowdy mermaid kombucha  4.50
mexican coke  3.50
topo chico  3.50

alternative milk + .5

bloody  9
Family Jones Vodka, Real Dill
bloody mary has no clothes  9
Family Jones Vodka
paloma  9
Monte Alban Silver, grapefruit, lime, simple, soda
mimosa  7
Paul Chevalier Brut, orange juice
cold brew whiskey  10
QC cold brew, irish cream, pecan simple
spiked house lemonade  9